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Jesus taught in Matthew 6 that there is a connection between our hearts and our wallets. He knew the biggest competitor for our trust and dependence on Him is money. Giving is an opportunity to tangibly demonstrate that we trust Him above anything else. When we give, we’re saying we believe God can do more with part of our money than we can do with all of it.


Tithing is a way we worship God, because it shows Him that we trust His provision in our lives. “Tithe” means ten percent, which is the portion of our income that we give to God to say thank you for all He has given us. God doesn’t need our money, He wants our trust, and trusting Him with our finances is a great way to demonstrate our dependence on Him.

Two Ways to Give

In Person

Drop of your tithes and offerings at the church or bring them to the Sunday service.

Online Giving


Within a few minutes, you can give/donate by using a credit card or bank account right from your phone or computer. You do not need a PayPal account. If you have A PayPal account you can do monthly donations by signing up. 

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